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AVSecure's solution is tailor-made to balance the requirements of preserving consumer anonymity, whilst meeting the compliance needs of companies to demonstrate website visitor age appropriateness.

Our solution provides industry leading anonymization techniques, thereby ensuring that any additional risks to consumer privacy are kept to a minimum.

For industries that permit anonymous age verification AVSecure does not ‘know’ its customers.

It requests consumers perform an age-authentication check with trusted third-parties (through a choice of options) and once validated, our software allows consumers to create an anonymous ‘root’ access account that can generate one-off use tokens when they visit websites in the future.

The generation of these one-off use tokens, which are passed to the website providers, ensure that the consumers leave no age-related tractable information from using our software. In other words , we have no way of tracking information about how, where and when, you use your AVSecure verification login.

Different ways
to verify your age

AVSecure offers you several different methods to Verify your Age. You can use identification documents (such as a passport or a driving licence), verified products (such as credit or debit card information) or opt to use our most secure method - the Age Verification Card.

  • UK Mobile
  • Driving License
  • Age Verification Card
  • UK Credit/Debit cards
  • Passport
  • UK Paysafecard
  • Yoti Digital Identity
  • SegPay User
  • CCBill User
  • Other Methods

Or try our exclusive Age Verification Card


The Age Verification Card is exclusively used as an anonymous verification method by AVSecure and can be obtained at up to 60,000 retail stores across the UK including major supermarket chains.

The card allows face-to-face age verification to be completed at the point of sale. If the consumer appears to be over 18, no additional proof is required.

How it

Once a user has verified their age by any of the methods available, AVSecure will generate a unique “Access Key” which is combined with a simple 4-digit PIN created by the customer.

Once a user has verified their age by any of the methods available, AVSecure will generate a unique “Access Key” which is combined with a simple 4-digit PIN created by the customer.

Sectors where you
may encounter us

AVSecure has an innovative blockchain solution which can be applied to many different sectors.

Typical products and services that require age verification are as follows

E-cigarettes and Vape products
and many more...
Adult Entertainment
Solvents and acids

When visiting any website using the AVSecure system the user will be prompted to either “Register” or “Login using a PIN”.

We know that sometimes deniability is important, so this abstraction provides access to any restricted content without documenting that the user's AVSecure subscription exists.

Alternatively, users can choose to browse and access restricted content without utilising a PIN, by selecting “Open Browsing” as a set-up option.

The technology behind the blockchain facilitates the removal of all browsing restrictions. Using this method, users can replicate a similar browsing experience to that which was available before age verification was required.

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